Sometimes a path is needed

Don Melton on WordPress (in response, kinda, to Jim Dalrymple):

But I didn’t deploy WordPress here because I realized all the hacks in my theme and most of those plugins I wrote were to work around features in the platform I would never use.

That’s why I wrote Magneto. I just wanted something simple that wouldn’t get in my way. Now I’m within the comfort zone of my favorite editor and within reach of my powerful command line. And all the features available are what I’ve created. It’s sparse and limited, but it’s also distraction free.

I love WordPress. I’m using it right now to write this and The-Nexus uses it too. WordPress is a blogging platform but also malleable enough to make a content management system in some mediocre form. It’s not perfect for either, but for a foundation, it’s accessible to more people than either a blog or a defined CMS could be. Ghost, a few weeks, ago made these same waves. WordPress sucks for writing and focusing on content and I probably agree. WordPress also sucks for creating a complex website of any actual scale since it’s all just magic pieces that happen to fall into place more often than not.

The strength of WordPress lies in its PHP base, the lowest common denominator among entry-level hosting, and its different facets, powering the largest of media organizations or a simple blog and everywhere in between.

If I want to write something, I can do it in Sublime Text, paste it into WordPress when I’m ready and get done with it. But the place where WordPress beats me down every time is when I’m developing for it.

Don’s text size is perfect. Just saying.

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