Schulze wants to turn around BestBuy

Best Buy founder Richard Schulze, who offered to buy out the struggling company this week, apparently wants to focus on price cuts and high-end customer service instead of staying the current course of aggressive downsizing.

So wait. You’re telling me the founder of BestBuy wants to essentially buy back his own company and then focus on using BestBuy’s intermediary position in the market with low prices and amazing services? That sounds like a plan.

I said before I think BestBuy has great potential now, more so than ever before. The potential lies in making a conscience choice for customers. Let BestBuy be the arbiter of what is good and what is junk, and the good is actually good and not some sleazy product with 80% mark up in a market where you can order the same cable from Monoprice for 90 cents.

(Disclaimer: Richard Schulze graduated from my high school.)

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