Obsessed With 9

The Atlantic:

(10) We’re obsessed with the number 9. Up to 65 percent of all retail prices end in the number 9. Why? Everybody knows that $20 and $19.99 are the same thing. But the number 9 tells us something simple: This thing is discounted. This thing is cheap. This thing was priced by somebody who knows you like things discounted and cheap.

For me, this is not true. I walk into a JC Penny store and I immediately point to the nearest price tag and exclaim, “Look! It’s $40! No cents! And it is in a huge font! And white on red!” That’s what I do. I am not playing the same game as everyone else, I am one game ahead, where I appreciate prices that are conscience of themselves and slime-ball feeling nines radiate.

Also, Atlantic, none of this has anything at all to do with math.

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