Nexus 7: “Cloud” Concept

The Guardian:

The Guardian understands that Google’s planners had thought that buyers on the Google Play store, more than from physical or online retailers, would be more committed to the company’s “cloud” concept, and so would have more of their content stored online, rather than wanting to keep it on the device.

But most buyers appear to have noted that the storage on the device cannot be upgraded and decided to get the larger model.

The initial wave of buyers were technology enthusiasts or at least people with friends that were. The “cloud” concept Google was betting on here is flawed at least for right now — there needs to be a (relatively large and fast) local cache to reduce hits to the “cloud” but then you also need the next big thing: truly ubiquitous high speed Internet connections. Without that, the “cloud” concept falls apart.

(Via Kevin Purdy on IT World.)

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