Weekly Twitter Chronicles for 2011-03-27

  • Half way to the iPad 2. #
  • Just watched my grandmother use the automated mailing center at Target. She hates the touch screen. #
  • No iPads yet. I can wait. #
  • @thealexluft I'm reinstalling windows tonight. Not on an SSD, unfortunately. #
  • Finished reinstalling. Downloading applications now. #
  • @thealexluft It is. It didn't take very long to install. I can't seem to remember what apps I use other than essentially Chrome anymore. #
  • Don't buy a green drive for anything but huge storage backup. It's just too slow. #
  • @William_Kieser I did. Because it's true. Caviar black is the only drive anyone should buy, unless it's SSD. #
  • @William_Kieser Back in 2009, my dad hadn't thought a drive could that slow. #
  • On my install of Windows, I didn't put TweetDeck back on. Why? I can use TweetDeck's chrome app just as well. #
  • @Matt_Petschl Congratulations. #
  • It seems I cannot use webkit-keyframes to/from with gradients to make a pulsating eye. Would've been cool though. #
  • Can someone make a cartoonized set of Browser icons so Chrome's doesn't so out of place? #
  • I think it's funny that the Android browser isn't called Chrome. #
  • Should Apple update the iPod Classic? Does anyone care still? #
  • Are your bookmarks organized? #
  • @William_Kieser Yes, incredibly scary. #
  • It's sad nobody offers a laptop meeting the same quality as the MacBook Air. #
  • Going to Ocopoco for dinner. #
  • Constructing a backup and ssh triangle. Magical and revolutionary I think so. #
  • I couldn't figure out how to make my wireless card on Ubuntu Server 10.10 work. #
  • "…. is your name Ballmer?" "Yes! … No!" #
  • Apparently GPS lies sometimes. "Go left… go right… [silence]" #
  • "Your ports are forwarded." "Nice." #

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