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It’s just hours away from the new year. I think it’s time to look back on the most popular posts of all time once again.

Top 5 All Time

  1. Burning ISO on Nero 9
  2. GoodCorners – Rounded Corners with MooTools
  3. What is
  4. Internal Error 2738 with VPN Client on Windows 7
  5. CakePHP Model->find conditions

It is kind of sad to see that no posts from this year made into this the top all time list but it’s not much of a surprise to me. The quality of posts on this leg of school has been pretty low. On the flip side, the top posts originating from 2008 and 2009 are very popular. The top post, about Nero, had a total view count of nearly 34000! That’s pretty impressive although I should mention it’s over two years.

This time of year has been surprisingly high in traffic. My early peak was in March, with around 12000 views but November came out on top with 13000. I rarely get big single day spikes, but just yesterday on the thirtieth, I managed an astounding 580 views. My busy day still remains the day I released GoodCorners at 788.

Recently I’ve been get loads of referrer traffic from StumbleUpon. Most of my views come from searches. I find it odd so many are troubled by Chartbeat, but that’s the most popular post by search terms. Aside from that, the Online Java Compiler, Javascript Yield and Nero search terms come in their respective running up places.

That’s the look back on this year. And now, it’s time for me to enjoy my bubbly.

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