1. Anton:

    Hi Ryan,

    I can’t figure out permissions. Thet would be great if you can help me.
    My etc/fstab line:
    // /home/anton/Server smbfs auto,user,rw,username=anton,password=pass 0 0
    The folder actually auto-mounts, but it is read only. At least from my login (default administrative privileges). The folder is writable only from root :(.
    Server-side config:
    windows XP machine
    configured username – anton
    configured password – pass
    Client-side config:
    Ubuntu 10.10 machine
    configured username – anton2
    configured password – pass2

    I have no problems to access folder using nautilus and ditect path (smb://
    But I can’t write to mounted folder (/home/anton/Server)
    Looks like mounting gives me read-only privileges. How can I diagnose this? Did I forgot something? Is there other configurations that I forgot to edit?
    I have browsed all over the web no luck :(

    August 4, 2011 at 8:58 am |

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