Short Link Referers

My mom recently asked me if there was a way for bloggers to know where you came from when you visited their site.

I explained to her that when you click a link, a referer is sent along with it. I was going to show her an example of it in action with WP Greet Box but then I realized short links don’t keep the original referers.

So I was thinking, we have special headers or meta-tags for short links now, why don’t we have a special header for referers?

I was thinking we do a shortlink-referer attribute. It wouldn’t do anything more than keep the original referer, it would not be used for anything relating to security. For instance, if you generate a shortlink with, will save the incoming clicker’s location and pass that on to the shortlink’ed site. That is what I really want, so that WP Greet Box will actually work when I use shortlinks on twitter.

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